This mlm leads article describes the use of spam text messaging when prospecting for your mlm business. Don’t send spam text messages when prospecting for your MLM.

I have a lead for you.

See the phone number at right in the red outline? Give that person a call. Better yet, text him/her. See if they would like to join your business.

That image at right is a screenshot of my smartphone. Someone from that phone number sent me repeated text messages without my consent. And they didn’t stop texting me even when I asked them to stop. I warned them that if they continued, that I would send their phone number to you as a free lead. So there you go! Have at it!

The spam text message at right should concern you for 2 reasons:

Reason #1: If people start sending spam text messages like this, they’ll ruin this marketing channel for everyone (people like me and you). Either laws will be enacted prohibiting you from sending text messages, or you’ll be limited in some other manner.

Think of what happened to email blasts.

The federal government got involved by instituting the Can/Spam Act which made it criminal to spoof emails. People abused the email autoresponder services so bad that those services will no longer let you import leads into their system, even if you have a legitimate list that you created yourself.

Think of what happened to voice broadcasting.

The FCC made it illegal for you to use voice broadcasting for prospecting uses. (Don’t write me back saying it is legal. Tell that to the FCC or to your attorney instead.)

Reason #2: We have a zero-tolerance policy here at We won’t tolerate it. If we get spam text messages from people, we’re going to pass them along to our lists just like we did with this guy at right.

Don’t be like that text spam guy at right.

Don’t send spam text messages.

Don’t ruin text messaging.

Instead, make sure that your text messages are always permission based. If it is someone you know, ask them if they’re open to look at your presentation. If they say “yes”, send them a follow-up text message where they can get more information (like your mobile app). If they say “no”, then leave them alone.

If it is not someone you know, ask them to send you a text message if they would like to learn more. That way they initiate the text message dialog. That’s what Kathy Schneider’s group does and it works great for them. They only send text messages to those that requested more information via text.

When done responsibly, text messaging can work great for you. Just this morning I received an email from Yvonne who wrote:

“..I’m blown away at how using your text approach has tripled my response to my leads, if not more. I am still getting new connections from the leads I have. I do love your product!

So whether you’re prospecting National Leads that you purchased, or you are connecting with leads you generated using MyAutoPilot Traffic, please use text messaging responsibly.

(Now stepping off of my high horse.)

Thanks for reading.

To your success,

Enrique Garibay