This mlm leads and mlm web traffic post discusses 2 options available in prospecting for your mlm business. Those options include a) working a leads list, or b) working leads that you’ve generated using mlm web traffic.

Which is the right choice for you?

Play the video below and learn the advantages of each.


Prospecting with MLM Leads

If you decide that mlm leads are the right match for you, then we recommend our Real-time National MLM Leads. They are sent to you as they are generated. They are created by people filling out our webforms that talk about making money from home. Each lead includes the prospect’s name, address, phone, email and gender.

The thing about leads is that they have not seen your lead capture page, nor your business presentation. It is up to you to make contact with the leads. We suggest that you interview them as outlined in the training provided to you in your member’s account. If you like the prospect, you then must get them to your business presentation. Then you need to follow-up with them thereafter.

The advantage of working Real-Time National MLM Leads is that once you make your purchase, you have an idea of how many leads you will receive and when you’ll receive them. So you can plan your prospecting day accordingly. Always buy more leads than you think you can handle. This is because you’re going to get voicemails so the dialing will take less of your time than you might expect.

Note: if you need additional training on how to work your leads, consider our 8 hour audio download called What To Say To Prospects. In the audios, you’ll hear us as we dial leads ourselves. you will learn how we “interview” prospects so we never sell or tell. We’ll show you how to get past the first 10 seconds of a call. You’ll learn how to handle any objection since we’ve heard them all. You’ll get a chance to listen in as our call guests asked questions of their own. Learn more now.

Prospecting with MLM Traffic

So now that you have an idea of the advantages of “leads”, maybe you decide that “traffic” is a better match for you.

MyAutoPilot Traffic comes in National and Local versions. National provides you bizop traffic from anywhere USA. Whereas Local traffic provides you bizop traffic from specific city/state locations you specify.

Here is how traffic works..

We run banner advertising on high traffic consumer sites that talk about “make money from home”. So when a person wants to learn more, they click on the banner. That links the prospect to our traffic rotator software. Our rotator sees that you are due to receive traffic so it redirects the prospect to your lead capture page. That’s one click of traffic delivered. That’s one prospect delivered. Once the prospect arrives at your lead capture page, it is up to your lead capture page to have a compelling offer for prospects. Those prospects that are interested then opt into your lead capture page and become a lead in your system.

Our traffic rotator does not collect leads. Only your lead capture page collects leads.

The advantage of traffic for your prospecting is that it allows your lead capture page to sift and sort people out so you don’t have to. It then makes the business presentation on your behalf so you don’t have to do any selling or telling yourself. It makes for easy prospecting followup since the prospect has already been exposed to the business presentation.

Regardless of whether you use mlm leads or mlm web traffic for your prospecting, we do recommend that you use the prospecting training methods outlined in your Member’s account when contacting your leads. Doing so will give you the greatest opportunity for success when working your leads.