This article describes Reason #7 why MyAutoPilot Traffic out performs solo ads, solo ad traffic or text business opportunity traffic.


Reason #7 is that MyAutoPilot Traffic is banner ad traffic that works equally well whether the business opportunity is small ticket program, or a high ticket program.

Let me give you an example..

When the bizop “Digital Altitude” was around, we ran 10,00s of 1,000s of clicks of bizop traffic to that offer. Doing so, we had a 56% optin rate at our lead capture page using MyAutoPilot Traffic.

Prospects that opted into our lead capture page were then redirected to a business presentation video. There we found that 1 out of every 7 optins proceeded to pull out their wallet and credit card to purchase a $1 trial account in that business opportunity.

What we then found was that 1 out of every 38 people that pulled out their credit card for the $1 trial, then upgraded to the tune of $1,300 to join that business opportunity.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results that we did, clearly these results out perform any solo ads or solo ad traffic that anyone has reported to date.

If you want to grow your business opportunity and are tired of bugging friends and family.. or you’re just tired of wasting countless hours on Facebook pestering people to take a look at your business, then MyAutoPilot Traffic is right for you.

MyAutoPilot Traffic is generated using “make money from home” banner ads. When someone clicks on our banner ad to learn more, they are redirected to your lead capture page immediately. That’s one click of traffic delivered. We don’t collect any information from your traffic since we have no intention of remarketing to your prospects in any manner. Instead, we simply direct prospects to your lead capture page.

The beauty of MyAutoPilot Traffic is that it sifts and sorts prospects for you. And it does it automatically even when you’re not around to work your business.

Once prospects opt into your page, your lead capture page redirects them to your business presentation. That way you’re never “selling and telling” yourself. Instead, you’re letting the system do all the selling and telling for you. You then followup afterwards – interview them to see if they’re a match for you or not.

So it doesn’t matter whether your business opportunity is a low ticket program, or a high ticket program, MyAutoPilot Traffic will work for you.

If you’re ready to start winning in business, go here to get MyAutoPilot Traffic now. It is better than solo ads or solo ad traffic.