In today’s blog post, I just want to remind you that these few days between Christmas and New Years day are “Prime Time” recruiting and prospecting days for your direct sales business.

The rush of holiday shopping season is over. People are settling down and beginning to reflect on the year.

And they’re beginning to make plans for next year.

Will they start a business in the next year?

Will they join your business in the next year?

Or will they spend their money to join someone else’s sales team instead?

Don’t let these precious prospecting days pass you by. Make contact with your leads today!

Ask prospects to make a decision to join your team. If they say they “I need more information“, then ask them what more they need to see or hear. Give them that information, then again, ask for the order.

Either they’re in or out, right?!

If you don’t have enough people to talk to, get some web traffic today. The traffic is called MyAutoPilot Traffic. We generate the traffic using banner advertisement so it’s always fresh and responsive.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,