This video describes mlm traffic to build your home business and Reason #5: Why MyAutoPilot Traffic is Better Than Solo Ad Traffic.

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The reason why MyAutoPilot Traffic is better than solo ads or solo ad traffic is that MyAutoPilot Traffic consists of real people that are really looking for a ways to create income from home.

My name is Enrique Garibay. I’m owner of I’ve been generating leads for over 25 years. I’ve owned for over 17 years. And I’ve been offering bizop web traffic for well over 7 years.

Through the years, I’ve tested all my solo ad competitors as you can imagine.

I recall one competitor that we tested.

I ordered traffic then watched my web page analytics as I awaited the traffic to arrive. I stepped away from my desk. When I returned, the order had completed and my lead capture mlm leads were already in my email inbox. My analytics said I didn’t get all my traffic so I called the company asking for more.

Soon I saw my analytics light up with people on my lead capture page. Odd thing was that these prospects were only on my lead capture for 1 second. I stared at the screen. All that traffic and still no leads.

About 10 minutes later, leads start showing up in my email inbox. The odd thing about it was that these leads were arriving in my email inbox 1 minute apart.

How does that happen?

It happens when an unethical solo ad vendors send bots to my lead capture page. They do this to make it appear as if people actually were on my lead capture page when they weren’t. The vendor then uploads a leads list into a script that runs on their server. The script posts the leads list directly into my autoresponder one lead at a time, one minute between lead posts.

So what might appear to be traffic to the untrained eye, was really just a list of old leads that was posted into the autoresponder.

Talk about ripping consumers off!

When it comes to mlm lead generation, bizop traffic and solo ads, I’ve seen it all.

Since you’re reading this article, is it crazy to think that you’re looking for a done-for-you marketing solution that will help you build your business from home in record time?.. A service that you can trust?

If so, then you need MyAutoPilot Traffic.

This is real bizop traffic of real people that are really looking for a ways to create income from home.

That’s real biz op traffic. That’s real bizop traffic that is better than solo ad traffic.

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