This described mlm web traffic and mlm lead capture page conversions.

This week I had a couple of users write-in asking me to evaluate their lead capture pages. They wanted to know if the pages would convert well.

While I make it a point NOT to evaluate pages for people, I did offer some suggestions on how one could evaluate the pages themselves. So I’m passing these tips onto you today.

Here’s what I wrote..

The key to converting MyAutoPilot Traffic into leads is answering the question: Does the lead capture page give prospects the information they are looking for when they arrive at the page?

Prospects click on our banner ads because they want to learn how to make income from home. They are then redirected to your lead capture page.

So when they land at your lead capture page, they expect your page to tell them how they can create income from home.

So does your lead capture page do that for prospects?

If the answer is YES, then more prospects will opt into the page and become leads in your lead capture page system. The page will likely work well with MyAutoPilot Traffic.

If the answer is NO, then the page will likely NOT convert the traffic as well as you hope.

One of the common mistakes that I see people make is using lead capture pages that market business building tools. Most prospects don’t yet have an online business so most do not have a need for online business building tools.

At the end of the day, the only way to tell how well the lead capture page will convert is to test it with live MyAutoPilot Traffic.

Testing reveals all.

mlm web traffic that converts?

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