MLM Success and Network Marketing Success just don’t happen. There is a lot of work involved to become successful in your mlm business. However the rewards can last a lifetime.

Do you know someone that you would consider highly successful working their mlm business or network marketing business from home? If so, did success just “happen” to them? Or did they have to work at it over some time to become successful at their business opportunity?

This week I’m starting a series of interviews where we’ll talk to network marketing and mlm distributors just like you that are finding success working their mlm business from home. Some of the interviewees will be part-time. Others will be full-time in their business.

Today I’m interviewing Todd Thomas of Texas. Todd has been in the mlm industry for a number of years and has recently gone full-time with his Internet-based mlm business. I’ll interview Todd to learn more about the path he took to success and how you can do the same. Once our interview is complete, I’ll post Todd’s interview on our blog for viewing.

Are you successful in your mlm business working from home?

Do you know someone on your network marketing team that is – upline or downline?

If so, please contact us. I’d love to meet them and possibly interview them as part of our “success” interview series. And it would be great exposure for your network marketing team and business.

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