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Recently we have been testing some new bizop traffic publishers to meet our ever increasing customer demand for bizop web traffic. Over the past week of testing, we have measured some really exciting results.

Our most recent test yielded a 76% optin rate at our lead capture page. That’s an extremely high optin rate. It’s the 2nd most optin rate I’ve ever measured at my lead capture page. It’s more than double any optin rate I’ve ever found with solo ad traffic.

At, we don’t depend on you to test our traffic to know whether it is any good or not. Instead, we test the traffic on ourselves.

We typically test more than 2,000 clicks of mlm traffic to ourselves before we can make a determination of whether the traffic is acceptable or not. If the traffic is acceptable, we make it available to our live customer orders. If it is not acceptable, we don’t offer it to our customers.

In the most recent tests, more than 7 out of 10 clicks of traffic opted in at our lead capture page. Every 7 clicks of traffic generated an affiliate for my program.

Those results are off the chart in any traffic source that I’ve tested in the past. So while I can’t guarantee that you’ll see the same results with your lead capture page, it’s pretty exciting to have mlm web traffic that responsive. These are people looking for ways to make money from home.

Needless to say, we added this traffic source to our live traffic rotator so that all our customers can have access to this tremendous source.

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