See that picture at the right?

That’s the picture of a winner. She just won the 2018 Boston Marathon. Her name is Desiree Linden.

We could all take a lesson from Linden. Here’s why..

Though Linden had raced the Boston Marathon several times before, she never won the race. She once finished 2nd by only 2 seconds.

This year she again showed up to race. It was cold with a blowing rain the entire race. The sort of weather that made it easy to quit.

Linden told a teammate that she didn’t think she could finish the race.

So how did she win?

Linden won because.. she didn’t quit!

She was patient. She gave herself time for things to improve. She persisted. Then she ran away for the win.

Sometimes “not stopping” is all it takes to win in business.

There will be times when it seems no one is responding to your advertising. Other times it seems like everyone wants to join your business.

The key to any success in life or in business is consistent activity.

Keep doing the things that move your business forward. Stay in the game. Hang in there. Give yourself time to succeed. Don’t get too down when it’s not going your way. Don’t get too high when it is.

And finally, don’t compare yourself to others. Run your own race.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,