MLM Leads And Their Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

MLM Leads are people that are looking for ways to make money from home. These prospects have responded to an ad that reads:

"Learn how ordinary people are making an extra $1,977 per week, part time. Start a business from home. Minimal investment required. Free information shows you how."

Our lead generation advertisement focuses on "making money from home". As such, these leads can be used to prospect any and all home-based businesses.

The term "MLM" really refers to "multilevel marketing". Hence mlm leads refers to prospects for your multilevel marketing business opportunity since they're looking for ways to make money from home.

Factors Affecting Lead Quality

There are various factors that affect lead quality. They include:

Web Traffic

Ideally you want targeted web traffic of people looking for ways to make money from home with a business of their own when generating mlm leads. You don't want "job seeker" traffic. They're not looking for a home business.

Our web traffic is targeted to people looking to making money with a home business.

Number Times Leads Are Sold

At we only sell our leads twice, that's all. We don't sell them again as aged leads so the mlm leads are always fresh and responsive.

Surveyed MLM Leads

It used to be popular to include survey answers like.. how much money to invest, how much time to invest, etc. Over the years we stopped selling surveyed mlm leads because..

1) Misinformation. Prospects give you enough MIS-information just to get the web form submitted.

2) It Costs More. The more questions that you ask, the fewer leads are generation, thereby raising the cost per lead.

How Fresh are the MLM Leads

With the exception of the email leads, all leads are real-time fresh and sent to you as they are generated. Leads are sent to you via email and posted into your member's account for file download.

Interviewed MLM Leads

Many ask whether our mlm leads are "interviewed". It seems a certain vendor advertises interviewed leads so distributors think have been telephone interviewed. However, the vendor discloses in fine print that their prospects are not telephone interviewed but instead have filled out an "interview" type survey form instead.

We think that is misleading.

We've been generating mlm leads and network marketing leads for over 10 years. We don't use gimmicks to make sales.We focus on providing you the best quality prospects for your home business opportunity, and we do that at an affordable price.

Exclusive MLM Leads

We sell our lead list twice maximum. Each prospect sold to you may be resold a second time to some other distributor that is in a business opportunity different than yours. There is no risk of overselling our lead lists.

If you really want exclusive leads, just tell us. We'll charge twice the amount and sell it only once to you.

The Best MLM Leads For Your MLM

Many ask: "what the best mlm leads for my business?" To answer that question, please answer these question..

Do you want mlm leads from anywhere USA, or from a particular area of the country?

Choose the Real-Time National Leads to prospect people from anywhere USA.

Choose the Real-Time Local Leads to prospect people from particular areas of the USA.

Or try the Real-Time Female Leads to prospect women from all parts of the USA.

See our entire mlm leads selection.

You can generate your own mlm leads using our web traffic called MyAutoPilot Traffic. We send business opportunity web traffic to your capture page. In the event you don't have an capture page, use one of ours here.

MLM Leads and Network Marketing Leads

Many wonder what the difference is between mlm leads and network marketing leads. The answer is that there really isn't any difference. Most terms are used interchangeably to describe people that are looking for ways to make money from home.

MLM Leads and Business Opportunity Leads

Many also ask if there is any difference between mlm leads and business opportunity leads. Again, there is no difference. The two terms are used interchangeably to describe people looking for ways to make money from home.

MLM Leads and MLM Genealogy Leads

Some will ask whether a mlm lead list is the same as a genealogy lead list. The short answer is "no".

Genealogy lists are of people that at one time joined a multilevel or network marketing company.

We don't sell genealogy lists because 1) you're talking to people that have already failed in a mlm business. They have no one to talk to. 2) The company they joined owns that list, not us. 3) They're unresponsive.

We just dialed 1,000 prospects for a client. There were ZERO interested people in that whole list.

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