Yesterday I wrote a post on MLM Lead Generation Sucks, and shared where some of the biggest trainers and million dollar earners in network marketing had change their messaging now that their income was not being driven by MLM Lead sales.

Well today I am going to share with you the truth from those who are still currently building their multi-million dollar mlm businesses using MLM Lead Generation.

Before I get into the meat of this article I do want to make one thing perfectly clear…

MLM Lead Generation Is Not For Everyone!

If you are new to network marketing, are afraid to talk on the phone, start to sweat like a stuck pig everytime you try and talk to someone, then jumping into the middle of working MLM Leads is not where you need to start.

The first thing you need to do is get with a company who offers a complete macro-marketing support system. In other words a company who offers everything you need to become a successful home-based business CEO!

Here at MLM Leads we are that exact company. We have created the world’s only fully integrated marketing & communication platform to allow you to grow your business both on & offline.

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Ok, now let’s get down to nuts and bolts.

Here is a list of current Multi-Million Dollar Earners, Trainers who have built their success around MLM Lead Generation.

Todd Falcone – Trainer of the Decade at ProSTEP, Inc and currently owns his own training company and works leads regularly on his training calls. Todd have built five six figure organizations over the last 15 years using MLM Lead Generation as the foundation of his system. Several of those who promote MLM Lead Generation Sucks, have been his personal students.

Mike Boggs – Mike is a current six figure earner in MLM, and has built his whole network marketing career around MLM Lead Generation. Mike is also a master at teaching others how to use MLM Lead Co-ops to grow their organizations.

Paul Kroto – Paul is a current six figure earner in his primary company, and has been using MLM Lead Generation for years. Paul is a pioneer in email marketing and has been buying his mlm email leads from Enrique or myself for a decade.

Cory Citron – Cory is a seven figure earner who some say was the co-founder of the first successful online marketing system several years ago. Today Cory is a million dollar earner who still promotes and uses leads to build his XanGo business.

Frank Garon – Frank may well be the most successful online marketer in history. He was one of the first international internet marketers and has built an online business using leads that reaches well into the seven figures. Today he travels and trains others how to use MLM Lead Generation to drive traffic to their websites.

This list could go on and on. I listed leaders here who are in different segments of network marketing and who year after year have been teaching what they themselves use day after day.

Now if you are not having success working your MLM leads, then maybe it is time you get some outside help.

Read through this blog and our sister blog at DeskPing and learn what these pros have known for years… MLM Lead Generation still works.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly