Real-Time MLM Leads can help you make money from home by finding prospects that have an interest in starting a business of their own from home.

We offer several types of real-time mlm leads as follows:

* Real-Time National MLM Leads ? mlm leads from anywhere USA.

* Real-Time Local MLM Leads ? mlm leads from specific telephone area codes

* Real-Time Female MLM Leads ? mlm leads of women from anywhere USA

To help you in your mlm lead buying process, we?ve provided you additional information on how real-time mlm leads are generated and sold at

How Real-Time MLM Leads are Generated

To generate mlm leads, we have Internet publishers that drive web traffic to our ads. Our ads read like:

"Learn how ordinary people are making an extra $1,977 per week, part time. Start a business of your own. Minimal investment required. Free information shows you how!"

If the prospect reading the ad has an interest in making money from home, they click on the ad to learn more. The prospect is then directed to our capture page that collects their information. We collect full record information like name, address, city, state, zip, phone and email address.

Once the prospect hits the "submit" button, that mlm lead information is posted into the system and distributed to one or two customers at the same time. We never sell the same lead to two people in the same business opportunity. The lead is sent to the customer via email real-time as the lead is generated. The lead is also posted into the customer?s member?s account where they can download the lead as part of a batch file of leads.

Real-time mlm leads are "generic" in the sense that they are wanting to make money from home, but they don?t know anything about your business. That?s where you come in. Once you have the lead, you can of course follow-up with them to prospect them and expose them to your business opportunity.

Real-time mlm leads are from all parts of the United States. (Unfortunately we don?t have these same leads from other countries.)

Real-Time MLM Lead Types

The Real-Time National MLM Leads provide the lowest cost per mlm lead. They are from anywhere in the USA. They will work for most every network marketing business opportunity available in the USA and Canada. These lead orders will typically fill in one or more days. Click here to order.

The Real-Time Local MLM Leads are provided to you based on one or more telephone area codes that you provide us during order checkout. As leads come in from any and all area codes that you?ve provided, we post those particular leads to you to fill your order. These particular mlm leads are great for building teams in particular cities or parts of the country. They?re also good for prospecting in a local market where you intend to actually meet face to face with a prospect. These lead orders will fill slowly. Leads will trickle in over time. The more telephone area codes you provide us, the quicker the order will fill. You can add or remove area codes from your order by contacting Support. Click here to order.

Real-Time Female MLM Leads provide you female-only prospects from all parts of the USA. These leads work well especially if you?re in a network business opportunity that is more suited for women. These lead orders will typically fill in one or more days. Click here to order.

MLM Lead Replacement

Lead replacement is available on leads that have phones numbers disconnected or not in service. We ask that you send those particular leads back to us within 3 business days with reason so that we can replace them for you.The easiest way to return a lead is to reply to the email that sent you the lead. In that email, put a note on why the lead is being returned. Typical reason is "disconnected number" or "number not in service".

Prospecting Your MLM Leads

As a customer receiving the real-time mlm lead, you are now free to prospect the lead for their particular network marketing business opportunity in any manner that you see fit. We normally recommend that you connect with prospects on the phone right away for best prospecting results. You can also send emails but unless the prospect already knows you, they?re less likely to pay any attention to email you might send them. Again, it?s best to introduce yourself over the phone before sending them email.

MLM Leads Prospecting Training

In the event that you don?t know what to say to prospects over the phone, that?s not a problem. Each time you order mlm leads, you?ll gain immediate access to audio and phone script training of how to call and interview prospects. Whether they are leads that you purchased or generated on your own, the real key to success is interviewing prospects. That way you?re not selling or telling like a sales person. Instead, you?re interviewing prospects to see who is a match for you and your company.