MLM Leads Frequently Asked Questions

MLM Lead Generation

How are the mlm leads generated?

Leads are generated on the Internet by people filling out our web form that describes how ordinary people are "making money from home."

Shane F., Independent Agel Distributor writes...

"Enrique, I had huge success so far with the leads... I just ordered another 30 leads. Thanks."

Do you provide Canadian leads?

Unfortunately no. Our leads are only from the United States.

Do these leads know about MLM or network marketing?

Most people don't know what the terms "MLM" or "network marketing" actually mean. What they do understand is that something is missing in their life and they're looking for a way to create a better life. That's where you come into the picture.

Can I see the landing page used to generate the mlm leads?

We don't send people to our capture pages. If we did, the page would get passed around and people would play with the forms to create bogus leads. Those leads could in turn get sold unknowingly. That's a poor business practice.

If you're unsure, consider ordering the smallest package of leads available for the particular lead type. That way there is no risk to you to test them out.

Mike Boggs, Live Telephone Prospecting PRO says...


How fresh are my mlm leads?
MLM Leads are provided real-time meaning that you get them moments after being generated online.

MLM Leads are posted to you individually via email as they're generated. They are also posted into your Member's account where you can log in and download them as a batch file - .CSV, .TXT.

Do you generate your own mlm leads?
Yes, we generate our own mlm leads.

Are the mlm leads exclusive?
MLM Leads are sold twice; once to you and once to someone in a company other than yours.

Why do prospects tell me they've been contacted by more than 2 people?
I've found that if a person is looking for a way to make money from home, then they've requested information a number of times from a number of websites. This is analogous to someone calling on multiple ads in the newspaper classifieds.

While we can't control what other sites they may visit, we can control how many times we sell the mlm leads: twice, that's all. We do that to give you the best opportunity for success with your purchase.

MLM Lead Types

How do I know which mlm leads are best for me?
I suggest you order the Real-Time National mlm leads. Those mlm leads are people from across the country that are looking to make money from home.

If you want people in a certain area of the country, then order the Real-Time Local MLM Leads. They are "local" based on telephone area codes. You can specify as many area codes that you want. Your leads order will be filled with leads first available from any and all area codes. Leads will trickle in on a daily basis as they become available. The more populated the area, the more leads you might expect on a daily basis.

Terri called in saying..


"Enrique.. I called to tell you about how excited I was about my mlm leads... I bought 50 mlm leads.. started using the telephone prospecting script... I already signed up 2 people... 2 came to our briefing and signed up, 2 others will signup tomorrow morning and one trying frantically to get his money together.. thanks for everything you?re doing!

What is your replacement policy?

MLM Lead replacement is available within 72 hours on inaccurate or disconnected phone numbers. Simply send the mlm lead to support @ mlm and insert a note as to why the lead is coming back.

Do you provide international MLM Leads?

Unfortunately no. We only provide mlm leads from the USA.

Where are the mlm leads geographically?

All mlm leads are from the United States unless you're ordering local leads. Local leads are sorted by one or more telephone area codes in the USA that you specify.

Can you provide Local MLM Leads based on zip codes?

Unfortunately local mlm leads are only available by telephone area codes.

Do you provide any leads for mortgage, insurance or other industries?

No, only business opportunity seeker leads.

Do you have mlm leads for product or service user?

All our mlm leads are business opportunity seekers; not product or service leads.

Mary V., Independent AmeriplanUSA Distributor

"Enrique, Thanks for responding back with me and I really appreciate your rapid response.. I will do business with you again. Have a Great Day!"

Are your mlm leads surveyed for how much money they'll spend?

I no longer provide surveyed information for 2 reasons: 1) the more questions are asked, the higher the cost/lead, and 2) I don't believe the survey data. If I don't believe the answers, how can I expect you to believe them. Prospects will often provide misinformation in order to get a form submitted.

Wondering how much money they have to invest? You won't find that out until you interview them.. demonstrate to them that you're a person that can help them go from where they are now to where they want to be... find their desire level... then you'll find out how much money they have to invest. Until then, they'll tell you anything.

Wondering when the best time is to call your leads? The best time
to call your leads is when you have time to call your leads.

When I work a lead, I simply look at the name, number and sometimes gender.
I simply want that name to get on the phone with me when I dial the number.
Nothing else matters to me when prospecting.

Custom MLM Leads

Can you create custom mlm leads for my company, industry or price point?

Yes. Try our MyAutoPilot Traffic where we send our high quality, highly-targeted mlm business opportunity web traffic right to your mlm lead capture page.

I need mlm lead prospects that have $1,000s to invest. Can you help?

Most prospects will tell you anything on a web form. So the only real way to learn how much a prospect has to invest is to interview them.. find out their desire level and what's missing out of their life. Once you show them a way to get what's missing out of their life, you'll find out how much money they have to invest. Until then, they're blowing smoke.

G. Moore of Juneau, AK, Emerald Passport writes...

"Hi Enrique, would you please send the rest of my 50-lead order tomorrow or Wednesday instead of waiting the week. I'll be ordering more asap. These leads are great, I'm finally working! My phone is ringing and I'd like to keep it going strong!"

MLM Leads Purchase

How many times do you sell the mlm leads?

The mlm leads are sold twice; once to you and once to someone in a company other than yours.

Do you provide leads on an auto-ship basis?

Yes we do. We'll even add an additional 15% more mlm leads each month beginning your 2nd month when you purchase via our auto-ship program. You're always in control of the autoship when you log into your Member?s account to manage it.

Do I have to signup for a monthly autoship of mlm leads?

Monthly autoship is optional.

Can I cancel my monthly leads auto-ship purchase when I want?

You are in control of your autoship at all times. Simply log into your Member's account and removing the autoship.

Alan T. writes...

"Enrique, I really don't know you personally but I get a good feeling as I listen to you and go to your site.

"I just feel you are a good man, a man of Integrity.

"Thank You for that feeling. :)"

Well, that's it for today. I hope I've helped answer your questions

Can I purchase mlm leads using PayPal or Western Union?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I purchase mlm leads as often as I like?

We understand that it takes a continuous flow of qualified prospects to grow your mlm business. As such, there is no limit to the number of mlm leads or the number of times you can purchase monthly.

Running a time-sensitive promotion? Pickup a fresh bunch of leads to kick start your promotion in the right direction.

How do I purchase these mlm leads?

CLICK HERE NOW to place your order. Order as many leads as you like Order as often as you like as well.

What guarantee do you provide with your mlm leads?

We provide a better-than-money-back guarantee in that with any lead purchase, we provide you with more than $3,997 worth of training to help you work your leads successfully. While no one can guarantee your success, we've found that our most successful customers are those that have utilized this training and mastered it for their prospecting.

Lead replacement is available within 72 hours on inaccurate or disconnected phone numbers. Simply send the lead back to support @ mlm and insert a note as to why the lead is coming back.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds for lead sales. We do however provide a better-than-money-back guarantee as outlined above.

What kind of results can I expect from my mlm leads list purchase?

The better you get, the better the mlm leads get. That's why we provide prospecting training with your leads purchase.

Ultimately your success or failure in business will be determined by your own personal efforts.

Can you send me a sample of your leads?

We don't send out samples.

What kind of group discount can you give us for a volume purchase?

Most people direct their group to their Affiliate Link to make their purchase. That way each member has direct access to the prospecting training.

I can't remember my account username and password. Can you help?

Not a problem. Just create a new account when placing your new leads order.

MLM Leads Order Delivery

Once I place an order, how long does it take to get my mlm lead list?

MLM lead orders are typically filled within 1 to 2 business days of ordering - slightly longer for orders placed over the weekend or holidays.

Local Leads typically take longer. Leads trickle in as they become available in the area codes you've specified.

Leads are posted to you individually via email as they become available.

Will I receive my leads all at once? Or broken out over several days?

MLM Leads are posted to you as they?re generated on a daily basis.

Local mlm lead orders are filled with leads that are first available from any and all telephone area codes that you provide us. The more area codes that you provide us, the faster the order will likely fill as a result.

Can you just send me 3 to 5 leads a day?

Unfortunately no. While I know that many prefer just a handful of leads a day, I don?t recommend it as we?ve demonstrated on our Live Prospecting Calls that you can go thru a list of 20 leads very quickly and depending on the time and day, not find any one to talk to you during the session. Hence, it?s better to have more leads than you have time for when prospecting.

Germaine called in saying..


"I wanted you to know how pleased I am with your leads.. I bought your leads... Out of 15.. 3 have an interest.. one brought his cousin and they both want to the business... I'm pleased and happy about how responsive they are? Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your assistance.."

Can you tell me if leads are available in my telephone area code?
We don?t forecast lead availability. If there is a wait in a telephone area code, we?ll notify you of the expected backlog and provide you options at that point.

In what formats are the mlm lead lists available?
You can download your leads using any of the 4 formats:

* View as a CSV Text File
* Download as a MS Excel Spreadsheet (CSV)
* Download as Comma Delimited Text file
* Print Leads to Page

MLM Leads Affiliate Program

Do I earn commissions if I refer others to purchase your MLM Leads?
Yes. As a customer you are automatically an affiliate as well. Anytime those referrals purchase leads, you'll earn a 10% bonus. That bonus can be paid via PayPal or in leads - it's your choice.

Your Member's site will provide you with your affiliate link, banners, signature ads, referral listings and commissions earned and paid. such, you have an affiliate link in your Member's site that you can use to direct your referrals to.

K. Decker of Seattle, WA, Independent Xango rep writes...
"Hi Enrique, I remember the great service I received when I purchased leads from you this summer and wanted to tell you that I continue to get your emails and love the training and the resources you offer MLM distributors like myself. I've never seen any other lead generation company offer such personal customer service!"

How do I get paid for my referrals?
The commissions become payable 30 days after an order is placed. That allows us time to sort thru any billing issues that may arise.

Payment is available once $20.00 in commissions have been accumulated. At that time the 'Pay Me' button will become available and you can request your commissions paid.

Payment can be made either via PayPal or via credit towards a leads purchase. If you would like the credit to be used towards a leads purchase, just send us an email or phone us and we'll get that setup.

Thanks in advance for the referrals.

MLM Lead Prospecting and Training

Do you provide training with the mlm leads?
Yes, we provide over $4,000 worth of training with each leads order. You have 30 days access to that training with each order.

Jim M. called in saying...

"Enrique.. I was offered.. a $349/month coaching class? The coaching class was no more involved than the information you provide FREE to your customers... When you say take advantage of the $3,000 worth of training, you're not kidding..!

You can purchase additional mlm training materials by clicking here.

MLM Lead Email Marketing Services, Tools

Do you provide us an autoresponder?

No we do not. You would be responsible for providing your own emailings.

K. Bishop of Groton, CT writes...

"I've just placed my first order of leads. After reading through your website I became convinced that you have a product and service that will help me to build my MLM business."

In closing... remember that what you think about comes about. Think positive... Think prosperity... Think success.

And when you need new people to talk to for your business, think


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