MLM Lead Generation is the single most important key to your ability to build a long-lasting network marketing business that will pay you cash rewards over the years.

We offer several types of mlm lead generation options as follows:

* MyAutoPilot Traffic which is MLM Pay Per Click Web Traffic

To help you understand your mlm lead generation options, we?ve created this page to give you more information.

How MLM Leads Are Generated

In general, mlm leads are generated on the Internet when advertisements direct interested people (prospects) to a lead capture page. The lead capture page gives enough information to let the prospect know whether or not they want more information or not. If interested, the prospect completes the lead capture web form. An mlm lead is then generated.

Factors Affecting MLM Lead Generation

There are various factors that affect your ability to generate your own mlm leads. They include:

Web Traffic ? how targeted is the web traffic being directed to your mlm lead capture page. Ideally your web traffic is of people that are looking for ways to make money from home. The more targeted your web traffic, the more leads your lead capture page will generate and the more responsive the leads will be when you prospect them.

Lead Capture Page Layout ? You?ll want a lead capture page that?s optimized for generating leads. We have found that the best lead capture pages are those that are entirely visible in a single screen of the web browser; no scrolling down in the browser is required to see the full capture page.

Headline and Sub-Headline ? Ideally your lead capture page headline and sub-headline give enough information and pick the curiosity of your prospect. The better crafted the headline, the better quality, more targeted lead is generated.

Webform Information ? We recommend that you ask for 3 fields of information max in your lead capture page webform: name, email and phone.

Video ? Having video on a page can work for you or against you depending on what information is provided in the video posted on the lead capture page. The video should NOT be a business presentation. Again, it should pick the interest or curiosity of the prospect to entice them to complete the webform so that you can capture a lead. General testimonials can work well in video. They should not be specific to any product or company by name but should relate to the prospect how it has worked for them. Video on a lead capture page is an option; not a requirement. We?ve been successful in generating targeted mlm leads without video on the lead capture page.

Believable Ad Copy ? Avoid making hype claims in your lead capture page.

Email Autoresponder ? Your lead capture page webform should feed an email autoresponder. When a prospect completes and submits the webform, they should be subscribed to your email autoresponder. The email autoresponder should then send out personalized email messages to the prospect on your behalf. At the same time, the email autoresponder should send you an email notification of the new lead that was just generated.

Business Presentation ? Once the prospect completes your lead capture page webform and hits the ?submit? button, their browser should be redirected to your business presentation. That way they?re getting all the information about your business right away even before you talk to them. That makes your prospecting job easier when you contact them because they?ve ideally already viewed the information. The URL of the business presentation is typically programmed into the lead capture page webform.

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Creating, Hosting MLM Lead Capture Pages

We have been generating mlm leads for over 10 years. You could say we?ve gotten pretty good at it. Now we?re offering mlm lead capture pages to our clients. We can create and host a lead capture page for you.

NOTE: All generated mlm lead capture pages are fully optimized for viewing on desktops and smartphones alike.

Finding MLM Web Traffic for MLM Leads

There are a variety of ways to generate web traffic for your mlm lead capture page. You can create Facebook posts, write Craigslist ads, newspaper ads, fliers, write blog articles, write ezine articles, post Twitter links, send email broadcasts or refer friends and family and direct them to your lead capture page. Unfortunately these methods can take considerable time without much in the way of mlm lead generation.

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a lead capture page is to purchase Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising from search engines. While that has worked, there are two drawbacks to that: 1) Google isn?t interested in providing PPC ads for home business opportunities, especially when traffic is not directed to a unique lead capture page, and B) PPC advertising can be expensive. Our research shows that you?ll have to spend between $2.50 to $9.00 PER CLICK at a search engine just to get any sort of volume of targeted traffic to your lead capture page.

MyAutoPilot Traffic ? Quality, Targeted Bizop Traffic

Instead of directing our high-quality, business opportunity-specific web traffic to our lead capture page to generate leads, now we can direct that mlm web traffic to your mlm lead capture page instead. This helps you generate exclusive mlm leads for your network marketing business opportunity.

MyAutoPilot Traffic sends traffic to you on a pay per click basis. Each click we send to fill your order acts to send a business opportunity seeker to your lead capture page. Each time we send a visitor to your lead capture page, we send you an email notification so that you have an indication of when traffic is being directed to your lead capture page.

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